Vinyl and Heat transfer (HTV) printing are made with a CAD plotter or cutter that is essentially a computer controlled Xacto knife. The blade follows vector paths from the computer to cut and image on vinyl sheets. Once cut the artist removes the cut vinyl from the image, and presses the vinyl onto the garment. For HTV, it is then pressed onto the garment using heat and pressure with a heat press. Vinyl and Heat transfer (HTV) printing are ideal for quick turn-around times, one to two color designs and small quantities; including one-off items such printing names and numbers on athletic uniforms. You CAN do more than one color, but it requires layering of solid colors which requires a higher detail process and creates a heavier feel to the garment.


Available Colors


Flourescent Colors


Special Finishes

Types of Vinyl

Standard Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat Transfer Vinyl or HTV is extremely durable wash after wash extending the life of your garment.  The HTV we use is CPSIA Certified so it’s perfect for decorating children’s clothing and accessories.

Available Colors

Electric Heat Transfer Vinyl

Electrify Your Look with Unique Finishes

If you’re looking to take your designs to the next level, EasyWeed Electric has a finish or pattern just for you! You’ve never seen a heat applied material like EasyWeed Electric. The colors are vibrant with a pearlescent metallic sheen. EasyWeed Electric comes on a pressure-sensitive carrier which makes cutting detailed designs and logos a breeze. EasyWeed Electric is durable wash after wash and maintains its bright color and brilliant finish. If you’re looking to provide multi-color designs, EasyWeed Electric can be layered.

EasyWeed Electric is CPSIA Certified, so it can be used for decorating items intended for children.

Available Colors

Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

This glitter vinyl is a high-quality, CPSIA Certified ultra-metallic that contains maximum sparkle without shedding any glitter flakes. Choose from over 30 dazzling colors to bling out your designs and make an eye-catching statement! We also can print any graphic or photo on the white glitter for an extra special effect.

Available Colors

EasyPatterns™ Heat Transfer Vinyl

Blend in or stand out with this trendy EasyPatterns Heat Transfer Vinyl. Available in a variety of colors and patterns and CPSIA Certified.

Available Pattern Colors

Vinyl Pricing

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How does it work?

We use a graphic software application to send your design to the cutter or plotter. The cutter uses a blade to cut the shape you designed out of a sheet or roll of colored vinyl. The color of the vinyl is the color of the design. The vinyl is weeded using a pick-like tool to peel away the leftover vinyl and just leave your design. We place the design on your garment and heat press to cure. HTV can be applied to all kinds of products; polyester jerseys, gym bags, totes, and signage.

Vinyl FAQ

How durable are vinyl prints?
Vinyl prints will last for a very long time, usually lasting as long as the shirt itself! With vinyl material being flexible, it will move and stretch while resisting cracking or peeling.

How can I add names and numbers for uniforms?
In our Design Studio, we offer jerseys and shirts for your personalization. Have a larger order? No problem! For pieces ranging from 5 and up, give us a call and we can provide an order form regularly used for schools or groups to start your order!

If you have questions, give us a call at 877-691-7728 to speak with a team member.